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How to Register API for eInvoice? – Understand eInvoicing API Integration Process

Small businesses can quickly generate eInvoices manually from Invoice Registration Portal (IRP). However, for medium and large-size businesses, it can be time-consuming to understand how to generate eInvoice on the IRP portal due to a large number of B2B transactions.

Therefore, the government has allowed direct API integration-based eInvoicing under GST. It is viable for all sectors and sizes of businesses who wish to streamline their eInvoicing process.

Understand eInvoicing API

API or Application Programming Interface serves as a communication channel between two entities i.e., taxpayers and IRP or GSP and IRP. It works as a bridge between taxpayers and the eInvoicing system to enable data exchange between taxpayers and the IRP portal.

Any business eligible for eInvoicing under GST can use APIs. But the important point is that organizations can get eInvoicing API from GST suvidha provider, TaxPro.

Further, we will discuss different types of eInvoice API integration.

Types of eInvoicing API Integration
API integration is classified into two types:

1. Direct API Integration
GSTN has enabled direct API access for taxpayers who have stated turnover. It may be complicated to get eInvoicing APIs directly. If you don’t want to invest ample time getting eInvoice APIs directly from the portal, use the API integration tool.

2. GSP API Integration
The government appoints GSPs to provide GST services directly to taxpayers and businesses. When filing GST returns, you don’t need to worry about compliance issues as TaxPro GSP is 100% compliant with GST rules and regulations.

The best advantage is it is modified with advanced features and functionality. It can directly be used with existing ERP or accounting system, whereby taxpayers can connect to the IRP portal directly. It allows taxpayers to generate eInvoice directly from ERP without visiting the IRP portal.

Purpose of Using API under GST
Taxpayers are now using third-party applications to provide a wide range of interfaces on desktops, laptops, and phones to connect with the GST filing system. Under eInvoicing, taxpayers will generate eInvoice via ERP software and will send the same on IRP. GSPs or taxpayers can integrate these APIs into existing ERP and can generate eInvoice directly through the system.

Why TaxPro GSP is the Best Choice for your Business?
TaxPro GSP has a wide array of features to ease your eInvoicing journey.

  • Easy and smooth ERP integration
  • GSTIN validation
  • Generate IRN/cancel IRN
  • Get IRN and GSTIN details
  • Get eWay bill details by IRN
  • Data security
  • API report for GST returns and eWay bill
  • Excellent API uptime


A taxpayer needs to enter data in ERP or accounting system and as a result, APIs will transfer data to the eWay bill and GST portal. If taxpayers have their own ERP, accounting, or billing system, they can interact with IRP via APIs like TaxPro GSP to easily communicate with IRP for IRN generation.

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