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How to Generate eInvoice from ERP Software – Everything You Should Know

eInvoicing is a new invoicing concept where invoices are generated and validated by GSTN digitally for further use in the GST portal. It assigns a unique identification number against every invoice through the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP), managed by GST Network (GSTN).

Now you can generate eInvoices seamlessly with TaxPro GSP

  • Works with any ERP or accounting system
  • Ease bulk eInvoice generation with multiple approaches
  • Ensure 100% data safety and compliance
  • Reliable eInvoicing under GST returns and reconciliation
Process of Generating eInvoice
  1. The taxpayer should use configured ERP system that can generate eInvoice. TaxPro GSP can be easily integrated into your existing ERP and generate eInvoice following the eInvoice schema (standard).
  2. Two options for IRN generation for any taxpayer – – Direct API integration – Bulk eInvoice generation tool to upload, edit, view, and generate eInvoice in bulk
  3. A taxpayer must provide mandatory details like billing name and address, GSTN of the supplier, GST rate applicable, tax amount, etc.
  4. You can raise an invoice on the respective ERP. Then, upload the details of an invoice, onto IRP using a direct API method. It works as a central registrar for eInvoicing and its further authentication.
  5. IRN can validate details of B2B invoices. 6. IRN is generated by IRP and it also digitally signs and creates a QR code for the supplier. On the other hand, the seller gets notified about eInvoice generation via mail.
  6. IRP sends verified payload to the GST portal for return filing.

TaxPro GSP is Compatible with Any ERP Software Our value-added eInvoice API, TaxPro GSP supports any ERP on any platform. It takes special care of JSON invoice data encryption, digital signing, and invoice verification requirements. It also offers custom image formats and sizes for eInvoice QR code generation.Through its API and free Java library or .NET DLLs integration, you can generate and validate invoices and create an IRN/QR code with your existing ERP system. You can print and cancel eInvoices, without visiting IRP. You can perform bulk operations within your ERP or accounting software, upon integration.

A Full-Fledged eInvoice API for your Needs
  • Seamless Integration and Deployment TaxPro GSP allows you to generate invoices using any ERP software, without any interruption. It is easy to set up and generate invoices in bulk within a few minutes.
  • Robust Exception Handling It is compatible with government rules and regulations, combined with multiple data validation checks to avoid errors and ensure accuracy in the eInvoicing system.
  • Reconciliation with GSTR-1 and EWB You can enjoy a one-click import of eInvoice data from the eWay bill to GSTR-1 to nourish your compliance needs.
  • One-Click Management Simply click to download, print, and share eInvoices with others using TaxPro GSP and your existing ERP software.
  • Real-Time Compliance Reporting Report invoices to government authorities on a real-time basis and access government portals through a single window.

eInvoicing is now easier to integrate, thanks to TaxPro GSP for offering value-added API to integrate eInvoicing convenience in ERP system. No onboarding charges, Free and quick integration support, perform bulk operations, and achieve goals more effectively.

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