10 Smart eInvoicing Software Features that Ensure Compliance and Efficiency

The government has already made eInvoicing mandatory for businesses with a turnover of 5 crore. eInvoicing was first mandated in October 2020 for businesses with a turnover of 500 crores. It was gradually made mandatory for businesses having a turnover exceeding 100 crores in January 2021 and for businesses exceeding a turnover of 50 crores […]

eInvoice Format – How to Get Started with eInvoicing System?

eInvoice portal

Since April 1st, 2020, an electronic invoicing or eInvoicing portal has been accepted in all phases of the GST council to generate and authenticate B2B invoices and upload them to the GST portal. Uniform interpretation and machine-readable format are crucial objectives. eInvoicing can help eliminate manual errors and bring transparency to the entire ecosystem. eInvoice […]

eInvoice QR Code Integration – What’s the Purpose and Generation by IRP?

eInvoice QR Code Integration

A QR code or quick response code is compulsory on all eInvoices to provide streamlined access to eligible GST invoices. It is a barcode that is machine-readable and used to verify the authenticity and integrity of eInvoices. eInvoice QR code integration contains key invoice details like GSTIN of buyer and supplier, date of invoice, invoice […]

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